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Signal boosting: someone wrote a horribly racist J2 fic set in post-quake Haiti. You can read the unfunnybusiness write-up here, a collection of offensive quotes from the fic here, and a collection of links to relevant discussions here. The fic is pretty much made of racist tropes and the apology is a textbook fauxpology. *sigh*

If you don’t get what’s wrong, [personal profile] bookshop linked to this page about privilege, which is one of the best I’ve seen.

Also [personal profile] glockgal wrote this ridiculously fantastic racebending SPN comic. (If you don’t know of the racebending revenge ficathon, it’s here.)

(Between the recent Wincon thing and now this, I’m sort of going back and forth between “Why did I choose to get into this failtastic fandom?” and “Hey, wait, racism and sexism can happen in any fandom, it’s not an indictment against SPN fandom as a whole, just against the people in it who fail.”)

Tags: race, supernatural
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